Hovering over enemy territory, our drones located an active missile launch pad.

When the land forces arrive at the facility, there is only 1 hour left until launch. Alas, the base has been rendered completely dysfunctional by the enemy.

Your team’s mission is to get in the agent’s secret base, disarm the nuclear bomb in less than 60 minutes, otherwise, we all must face the worst...


Mr. Z, a mad scientist, has dedicated his life to the improvement of the human race by the means of science. He has created a virus that would eradicate about 90% of mankind, except for specimen identified by Mr. Z.

The Biohazard Response Unit has located the lab where the lethal virus is stored.

As your team entered the base, an alarm was set off by accident that would blow up the facility in 60 minutes, also releasing the virus in the process. You need to neutralize the virus before the detonation...


Our planet is under threat from a huge asteroid which is plunging towards Earth with tremendous force....

Scientists calculated the collision course a couple of days ago and have come up with a plan to avoid a global disaster.

The plan is to hit the asteroid with a rocket so it will change its original course and will pass harmlessly by Earth.

Unfortunately most of their launching site has been destroyed by the meteor shower which accompanied the asteroid and it’s already caused havoc on Earth.


Brent Chadwick had a rough childhood. He grew up in the shadow of his mother, Lucille, who was the founder of the “Church of the Untemptables” (COTU).

The COTU was a Christian-fundamentalist church in the eighties that preached: “Resist all temptations, but if you aren’t able to resist, you still have the chance of salvation if you punish yourselves equal to the sin you have committed.”

So no wonder Brent went crazy and, after his mother died, moved to a hidden room – the very room you are about to enter. This strange place is full of traps. The only way to escape is to find the urn of Lucille’s ashes.

If you fail and are still here after an hour, Brent will arrive home and I wouldn’t want to be in your shoes when he does.